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Experience the intense and raw energy with our exclusive "Murdered Built For Mayhem Shirt."

Designed for those who embrace their inner strength and battle through life's toughest challenges, this shirt features a bold, blood-splattered design that commands attention. The crest logo, dripping in striking red, symbolizes power, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

Key Features

Relaxed Fit: Provides ultimate comfort and freedom of movement.

Premium Fabric: Soft and durable, perfect for intense workouts or casual wear.

Versatile Style: Pairs effortlessly with any gear, making it a staple for your fitness wardrobe.

Limited Availability: Available in sizes L through 4X.

Product Benefits

Comfort and Durability: The high-quality fabric ensures long-lasting wear and comfort, ideal for intense training sessions or everyday use.

Striking Design: The blood-splattered graphic and crest logo make a bold statement, representing power and resilience.

Perfect Fit: The relaxed fit offers maximum comfort and mobility, making it perfect for workouts, competitions, or casual wear.

Perfect For

Strongmen, bodybuilders, and powerlifters who want to make a statement with their apparel.

Fitness enthusiasts looking for unique, high-quality gear.

Anyone who embraces their inner strength and is not afraid to showcase it.

Why Choose Us?

Strongbox Apparel is committed to providing premium gear for strength athletes. Our designs are inspired by real-life stories and a passion for the sport, ensuring that every piece resonates with our community. With a focus on quality, style, and functionality, our apparel supports you in your pursuit of greatness.


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Whether you’re hitting the gym, participating in a strongman competition, or simply making a statement, the "Murdered Built For Mayhem Shirt" is your go-to choice for standing out and showcasing your strength. This limited-edition piece is available in sizes L through 4X, so grab yours while you can and wear your strength with pride

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Murdered Built For Mayhem Tee

Murdered Built For Mayhem Tee

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