Highlighting @juggernaut_Joe85

Highlighting @juggernaut_Joe85

I'm Joe, also known as Juggernaut Joe, and my strongman journey began after watching giants of men perform incredible feats of strength.

Seeing Eddie Hall's 500 kg deadlift record and Robert Oberst's boulder shoulders doing crazy log lifts inspired me to add new objectives to my bucket list, like trying the husafellstone and Dinnie Stones lifts around the world.

I've been training in basic weightlifting and maintenance for 8+ years, but my strongman journey started just 8 months ago and I'm loving it!
My first competition is the "Rituals of Strength" in Rochester, NY, on July 22nd, followed by "Orange Elite Bar Games" in Syracuse, NY, on September 23rd.
The Strongbox gear I've built up so far is amazing! It holds the line to strongman training with the FREAK, MUTANT, and Strong Crew sweats, plus my Strongman hat. It's all great quality and just amps you up between the phrases on the line. My absolute favorite is the "Strong as Fuck" sleeveless jersey! The shirt is made of a strong material that looks, feels, and amps you up kind of gear!
I'm definitely psyched to see what Strongbox has in store for their future line, maybe a hoodie with "Strongbox Strongman" going down the sleeves and the logo on the chest.
My favorite Strongman event is probably a tie between the farmers carry and husafellstone carry. My grip strength has been increasing greatly, so I love events that test it!
There are two guys I look up to after meeting them in person, the strongest brothers in the world, the Stoltman brothers! Meeting both Tom and Luke was an amazing experience, they are the humblest guys you'll meet. They were very willing to talk with me about anything, and seeing their transformations from the Arnold to the upcoming Worlds is just crazy! It shows their determination and what you can achieve when you put your mind and heart into it. I also have great respect for Tom, who has autism but doesn't let that get the better of him at all! He's such an incredible man, fighting day in and day out to do what he loves... that's some real inspiration!
By the way, I also own and run my own business, so no excuses for not being able to train!   
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